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Laptop Magazine gives our EON17-SLX 10 Series an Editors’ Choice Award

“My resulting time with the souped-up behemoth was full of speedy game launches, inordinately high frame rates and smooth VR experiences.”

30 Sep 2016

CHRONOS VR Receives an Editors’ Choice Award from PC Magazine

“It's one of our top picks for anyone who is interested in a long-lasting system for full HD and 4K gaming, or for exploring the uncharted VR worlds to come.”

29 Sep 2016

CNET places our CHRONOS on their Best Desktops of 2016 list as "Best Desktop for Living Room VR"

“With clever magnetic feet that move from the top to the side, you can position this VR-ready small desktop horizontally or vertically to fit anywhere.”

23 Sep 2016

Our EON17-SLX makes CNET's Best Laptops of 2016 list as "Best Laptop for VR"

“Stepping up to virtual reality requires an oversized desktop PC, unless you get something like this rare beast -- one of the only laptops in the world that supports Oculus and Vive.”

23 Sep 2016

Digital Trends Chooses Our ORIGIN MILLENNIUM as The Best Gaming Desktop

“Like any good gaming PC, the Millennium is built to be upgraded and customized. The internal components are very easily swapped out. The case looks impenetrable from the outside, but once you open it up, the internals are laid bare in a way that makes them easily accessible.”

20 Sep 2016
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