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 0 Items Reviews Our EON11-S

17 Sep 2012

Gamespot Reviews The EON11-S with Lucid Virtu MVP Mobile Edition Software

"If you need a functional, well-built, portable gaming laptop, with a generous warranty and round-the-clock support, and all the benefits of Virtu MVP sound enticing, then the EON11-S is right up your alley"

04 Sep 2012

The Ultimate LAN Box - Anandtech Reviews The ORIGIN CHRONOS

"What Origin brings us for review today may be one of the best balanced and most impressive LAN boxes we've ever seen."

14 Aug 2012

Kotaku Reviews Our EON15-S High-Performance Gaming Laptop

"That's the sort of laptop that looks comfortable sitting next to some peanut butter and Wheat Thins. And should your gaming friends poke fun of you for your old man machine, open it up, load up Crysis 2, and blow their faces off. Then cover their skinless skulls with peanut butter and stick Wheat Thins on it to make faces.

Perhaps that's a bit too far. Anyway, lovely laptop. Starts at $1,529."

02 Aug 2012

Maximum PC Gives The EON11-S Their Kick Ass Award!

02 Aug 2012
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