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PC World Includes The MILLENNIUM Desktop In Their Coolest Gear List For 2014

PC World: Coolest Gear To Look For in 2014


"The case offers four different motherboard orientations, configurable side panels, a swappable front door, and the ability to transform from a midsize-tower to a full-tower Genesis to make room for even more components. This PC case actually evolves to meet your changing needs."

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27 Jun 2014

Destructoid Reviews Our ORIGIN MILLENNIUM Desktop

27 Jun 2014

PC World Reviews Our EON17-S

"When it comes to intensely immersive game-playing, Origin pretty much nailed it. The EON 17-S cruises through work, too, blazing through our WorldBench 9 benchmark to produce a score of 119. I write articles and wrangle giant spreadsheets for a living, plus edit vids on the side. The EON17-S juggles all that stuff without breaking a sweat."

- W. Bryan Hastings, PC World Writer

25 Jun 2014

Destructoid Reviews Our EON17-S

"I had the chance to test out an Origin laptop for some time and came away extremely impressed." - Destructoid

25 Jun 2014

The EON17-S Receives Best Performance Award from TweakTown

"We found this system to be the single best gaming laptop to come through our labs. It had the most performance, the best battery life, and solid build quality." 

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25 Jun 2014
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