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Origin Millenium

So happy with my 1st system, bought a second Origin system for my new PC build. Did a ton of research, and comparing apples to apples regarding components and extra features, Origin was the least expensive and had the best experience for a high-end build. Customer service was great keeping me informed of when the order was received, any problems along the way and when the PC shipped. Will use them again in the future.

- drose-15855, 01 Sep 2016


Chronos MicroATX. Great machine.

I ordered a Chronos with Nvidia 1080 GTX, i7 Skylake, and an ASRock Fatal1ty mobo. It took a few weeks for the order to be completed and shipped. However, it was absolutely worth the wait. The CPU is liquid cooled and OC'ed very nicely. I have had zero issues after almost 2 weeks of straight playing 8 hours a day minimum. I have paired the miniature box with a 4K ASUS IPS. The results are very good. I get extremely high FPS @ 4K. Everything is buttery smooth. It was worth the money and I look forward to upgrading this machine next year!

- Logan C., 15 Aug 2016


Monster PC Build.

I purchased my PC after months of research and it was the best thing I ever did, they went above and beyond to make sure i got my rig before i had to leave for Germany for my cancer treatments. This thing is an absolute monster and you can feel the love that went into creating it, when you purchase from these guys you don't just get an amazing pc, you get a family. One that will absolutely take care of you in the long run

- SamuelBlazer, 02 Aug 2016

EON17-X 9-Series

Helped a laptop noob start to finish!

I'll be the first to admit I know next to nothing about laptops. I emailed the Origin team asking them for help as I needed a laptop that could easily stream and edit videos. I didn't want to buy the best of the best, because clearly that was going to be overkill, but I didn't want to make a purchase I regretted if it under performed. Expecting to be laughed at OR brushed off, I was pleasantly surprised when neither of those things happened. Bryant and his team were able to create for me the perfect laptop and I am truly in love with it. They worked with my price range and the system requirements I needed. You guys are fantastic and I'll never forget the love I experienced <3 Origin PC for life!

- Unholy T., 27 Jul 2016


Love at First Sight

Wow... I must say I was nervous at first on purchasing my first gaming PC. As being a traditional console gamer I decided to take the leap when the Genesis ORIGIN PC caught my eye. Man is it a thing of beauty. The transition has been smooth and the performance is unreal. This beast is capable of accomplishing anything from gaming to video editing. Perfect computer all around. I also dealt with a staff willing to put up with my second guessing and last minute changes, haha. Kudos to Bryant and the team! You guys are amazing!! and I am really satisfied with my PC and I'm proud to be in the ORIGIN family! A choice that I am glad I made. I'm a customer for life!

- rmoise, 11 Jul 2016

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