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One word, perfect

Laptop (EON17-X) arrived on time and in perfect condition. Could not have asked for a better buying experience.

- K.F, 31 Mar 2015


I love my new ORIGIN PC!

"Just ordered a new Origin PC Millienium tower and its amazing. I Couldnt be happier. Origin had great customer service and kept me updated through the whole process. love my new Origin PC. " 

- , 27 Mar 2015


What's not to Love?!

Everything about my experience with Origin has been top notch, from order placement and email exchanges with my sales rep (Chris B.), to delivery and setup. I replaced an older desktop with an EON-17X Pro laptop. To call it a laptop is to do it a disservice. It's really a mobile desktop and serves that purpose for me. I have it attached to an external IPS monitor, a MAX Nighthawk keyboard and a plethora of peripherals. (I have a mid-range off-the-shelf laptop for hauling around town, my Origin is meant to stay put.) I'm not a techie, so one of the most important things to me is that any piece of tech I buy 'just works' out of the box and does what I ask of it.

Ordering was easy off the website, which is well designed, user friendly and easy to navigate. I received confirmation of the order shortly after it was placed and frequent email updates from my sales rep as things progressed. I paid the extra to have it shipped in the wooden crate and I'm glad I did. It's very much worth the additional cost. It's built like a tank and offers great protection for the equipment inside. My order shipped out slightly ahead of schedule, which was a nice surprise.

Everything was very well packed, with obvious attention to protecting the contents. The computer is beautiful. Fit and finish are perfect. Screen is perfect (no pixel issues). It's got a very good, solid feel. Initial boot-up went smoothly, no issues. I have loaded a lot of software onto it, all of which has run great, no hiccups. I love the lack of bloatware! No need to spend hours deleting junk you don't want or need. No dealing with the inevitable repercussions from deleting some of that stuff which usually breaks something else. (Sony, I'm looking at you.)

I've had my Origin for just over a month now and I love it. It runs 10 to 16 hours a day (it's also the hub of my Plex server, so stays on much of the time) and I've not had any issues whatsoever with heat or anything else.

I've not had any need to contact tech support to this point, so can't comment on that, but when the time comes (and I'm sure it will) I fully expect it to be just as stellar as every other aspect of my Origin experience.

I will definitely look to Origin when I'm ready to upgrade my computer again. Awesome computer, awesome company, awesome experience. What's not to love

- L. Daniels, 20 Mar 2015


F'ing Awesome

Nothing but a perfect experience! PC is balls fast. Awesome support 24/7 (people speak English and actually know how to help you). Just buy your new PC with Origin and I promise you will be happy!!!

- Tommy H., 13 Mar 2015


Awesome PC and Excellent Service

I was so glad to be in contact with Origin PC. The customer service was by far the easiest ive ever had to deal with. Bryant Vallejo the sales supervisor walked me through everything i need and want. He had a couple great suggestions for what i needed and it has worked out. I also received my PC 4 days earlier than expected. The packaging was top notch also! I'm going to use this company and suggest them to anyone i know looking for a PC. Thank the Lord i dont need to use Dell ever again.

- Jimmy R., 04 Mar 2015

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