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Exemplary customer service and amazing products

As a first-time Origin PC customer, I am impressed with the caliber of the customer service and the amazing product that I now own (to reiterate the headline of this review). I found the options available for customization beyond anything I have ever encountered before, and the final product-on which I am typing this review-has actually exceeded my expectations and I am thoroughly satisfied. The interactions I had with the sales representative handling my order were helpful and friendly; any information I requested was promptly provided. Overall, this business has my gratitude and (more substantially) my recommendation to friends and coworkers looking for a quality product in high-end computing.

- Larry M., 03 Mar 2015


The website for ORIGIN PC is great

"Ordering process:
-The website for ORIGIN PC is great. Very, very user friendly and easy to get around, all while looking great too! The set up process to build your dream custom PC by navigating through ORIGIN's website made it simple and refreshing for a customer that just wants the best without having the best knowledge of building PCs. Although I went through extensive research of my PC parts, I would feel completely comfortable with any hardware ORIGIN offers. 5/5

Customer support, service and interaction:
-Within minutes of placing my order I was sent an email confirming my order number (this is the number to use anytime you want to get information from you order, simple). The next day I received an email from my personal sales representative, Jacob Netta. He immediately made me feel valued and appreciated as a customer. Throughout my entire interaction with Jacob Netta, I was responded to within an hour of any questions I had while waiting. Something to note, he continually made me feel very comfortable and remained approachable which I value immensely. The interaction with Jacob Netta was very professional and friendly, quickly making me feel like I was part of the company, the ORIGIN family, before ever receiving my shipment date. Jacob Netta deserves high praise.

-Within about a week of my original expected ship date my sales representative notified me everything was fine, however, a week delay would occur due to backlog of orders. I need to make this very clear, if you plan to order from ORIGIN I think you should plan on some delays. This is completely acceptable to me because as customers we should realize these are custom built PCs. . My ship date matched exactly with the date they informed me of. I would of liked an email exactly when it was shipped, but when I asked my sales representative he responded within minutes of the shipment and tracking number, so I probably emailed him while he was getting the information sent to me. I was able to track my order every step of the way with no issues
The PC was sent, as advertised and promised, in a sturdy and well built ORIGIN crate. Again, the ORIGIN experience was exactly what I was expecting and went beyond. Note to customers: The Millennium PC is heavy and the crate is too. Expect to have someone assist you with carrying into your house.

Product and packaging:
-I would like to restate, this company knows what they are doing. It was simple to unbox and packed extremely well. Just research any videos online on unboxing and my product was exactly the same. All of my extra components were neatly packaged in boxes which included the following: extra cables for additional upgrades in the future, installation CDs, remote for LED lights, motherboard components such as sli bridges, wifi/blutooth adaptors, etc, ORIGIN T-shirt and wristband (because it's cool), all manuals for processor and motherboard and etc. I also received a printout from the company of all the components and tested set up from the techs. Instruction guides were available for how to lift my PC and how to get it set up. The internal components were protected by cushioned inserts to maintain proper shipment without damaging. Yet again, expectations were met and exceeded.

Performance and set up:
-Of course, this is where ORIGIN truly shines (as if the entire process wasn't great already). With no problems whatsoever, my PC turned on and within seconds I was welcomed to the windows login with awe. The lights immediately fired up, just adding to that "wow" factor you hope for. I ordered ORIGIN professional overclocking of my processor and GPUs. Without needing any prior knowledge of this, the ORIGIN techs almost made it unbelievable with ease. I didn't have to do anything, at all, to make my PC run at optimal performance. Contrary to many reviews I had read, the noise while running idle and during intense gaming is ridiculously low in my standards.
-As stated before I had to do NOTHING to set anything up correctly. FPS on video games are ridiculous and when running bran new games at max settings for lengthy periods of time, it never gets loud and never overheats. The settings for overclocking are superb and the GPUs rarely need to reach max setting performance, but when they do they remain there and never overheat. The processor has never once reached over 50 degrees C and maintains it's settings with no trouble. I would like to recommend professional overclocking and sealed liquid cooling system for this reason.
Let it be known, when a company treats you with respect and values your business and is 100 percent dedicated to the customer, the customers will give their 100 percent dedication and support in return.
For anyone even debating ordering from ORIGIN, no matter your experience with PCs, I can't even compare anyone else. ORIGIN is the best for a reason ladies and gentlemen.

A valued and appreciative customer.

- Sheldon R., 17 Feb 2015


Outstanding Customization Options, Communication, Service, Follow-Up

I rarely ever leave positive feedback (but am quite prone to leave negative feedback when I'm disappointed). And I've been purchasing high-end gaming PCs for 20 years. I am demanding as any customer out there when it comes to purchasing high-performance systems. I want to be able to customize a system as much as possible, not get gouged (I'm happy to pay for top end products but don't want to buy stuff at 150%+ of retail), and I want excellent customer service. These are premium products and we high-performance PC purchasers should expect premium customer service. And for the last 6-8 years I have been very frustrated with PC companies. I have tried many of the so-called "high end" shops and been consistently disappointed. Some might have great components but absurd prices and horrific customer service. Others have great prices but the computers are unreliable and the customer service is non-existent. So it's remarkable for me to be leaving positive feedback in general. But after purchasing just one computer from OriginPC I can confidently say I've found the company I'll be purchasing computers from for a long time and I'm very happy to leave them positive feedback. First, the provide a huge amount of customization options rather than some of the other companies which only provide you with a few boilerplate systems and very little flexibility to customize. Second, OriginPC's prices are very reasonable. When you are building an extremely high-end system you aren't going to be spending $1k or anything like that but you don't feel like you are being taken to the cleaners by these guys. Third, the communication once I placed my order was outstanding. And the computer was delivered on time and was everything I expected it to be. Fourth, they follow-up was excellent. That there was any follow-up at all is great because many companies don't follow-up at all. But OriginPC has been very attentive and interested in ensuring I am pleased with my purchase.

- Doug B., 28 Jan 2015


Excellent Customer Service

Purchased the Genesis tower, have to say I love it! The design and the amount of space it provides is perfect for air flow. The reps I have worked with are not only helpful but friendly too, this is customer service done the right way. I will definitely
purchase from Origin PC in the very near future!

- Arash Z., 08 Dec 2014


Great tech support

I bought an Origin PC recently have been very happy with everything - the delivery, the communication with the sales and customer service departments, with the PC itself. Moreover, due to the reason outside company control I had a problem and contacted
the tech support. The issue turned out to be caused by me connecting a good but apparently too old for the latest Nvidia GeForce video card monitor which caused Window failing to start. The response was great: the person on the other side of the line did not
waste time asking too many general questions, but simply asked me to start up Windows in safe mode, logged into my computer using the pre-installed TeamViewer (using a randomly generated pwd I supplied over the phone), identified the issue by uninstalling
the Nvidia drivers, recommended connecting a newer monitor (which I did), reinstalled the drivers and got my machine up and running, all in 10-15 minutes - very professional, no nonsense, tech support.

- Vadim S, 28 Sep 2014

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