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Superior experience

I replaced my 7+ year old Alienware with an OriginPC Millenium desktop. The entire process was very well done. When I put my order in,I got an email from my 'personal' sales rep Bryant letting me know that my order was received and things were progressing.
When the original ship date slipped, Bryant kept me informed of where *my* pc was in their process. I like that. a lot. When the PC arrived, it was very well packed in a big a** wooden crate. I uncrated it and the system was in perfect condition. no dings,
scratches etc. I wrangled it into the house--it's HUGE and set it up according to the nice pictogram included in the crate. There was a moment of panic when it didn't light up when I powered it on. After checking most of the basics, I called customer support
and it was a beautiful thing. barely a wait time, pleasant agent-- we figured out there was a cable that was not fully seated. Reseated it and the pc powered on. I've had it a week now and I am amazed at the difference. I can now do things that were crashing
my old PC. I recommend OriginPC.

- Pallas L., 30 Jul 2014



I will preface this by saying I have been in the PC industry for 20 years; I am seasoned, I know what I am doing. I have built machines of every type and size, for every purpose both home recreation, business professional, and gaming performance. First of all, the packaging. The packaging alone made the wait worth it - It felt like an indestructible brick. I will freely and openly admit that I paid Origin a lot more than I paid [ibuypower] for a machine of comparable specifications, but the adage in business is that you get what you pay for - and I certainly did. The whole "wooden crate" thing, I do not know how much of that overhead went into that cost, but I am extremely glad it was a forced option and not an electable one. It did make hauling the machine home from the delivery point a great deal more difficult, but that was still worth it to know that whatever arrived was firmly, securely, and powerfully packaged. So far, I have had no problems. It has worked like a dream. Visual Studio runs like smooth butter even with thousands of projects loaded on this machine (as it should, per the calculations I made in picking the parts I did) and the video cards are exactly what we wanted (they were specific chipsets that I wanted for an extremely specific set of emulative operations.) What was of particular interest to me was not the performance, though, but the build quality. I'll start with the visible. Just the metal plating on the SLI cable was an amazing touch that, again, makes the higher cost worth it. To a veteran computer builder like myself, I strongly appreciate it when people do not cut corners. I experienced a lot of corner cutting with [ibuypower], stock cables, everything loose and dangling, but from the instant I was able to inspect the Origin machine, and saw the customized, metallic SLI ribbon I knew I was dealing with a computer built by someone - or a group of someones, after my own heart. This trend followed true as I explored the other cables as well. The case - whoever built this series of case needs to be congratulated.
If there is any way to actually communicate with the people who conceived, designed, and produced this series of case, I really want my appreciation to get to them. The brilliance in its design is a cacophony of brilliant genius that was clearly built with the assistance of an HVAC engineer - I should know, I am surrounded by them all day, and that is what our company does. I was amazed at the brilliance in the way the airflow system is engineered, and the modular layout of the case was simply stunning. Moving along, though still on the topic of the case build and construction - I have assembled, selected parts for, and completely engineered from the ground up over 600 computers in my career and I must attest that among them all - between every case I have purchased, perused, and even some that I custom cut or modified myself, this is by far and large the most impressive work I have ever seen for a good case. The "evil eye of Sauron" on the front of the case is a nice touch, and I am still exploring for the button that allows its nether-filled lidless gaze to strike laser beams at small flying pests like gnats and moths, but have not yet been able to locate this feature. The included documentation did not guide me to such either, but judging from the level of luminescence radiating from it, I am completely certain that I hear the dark speech of Mordor upon turning the system on. The way the cables are pulled correctly taught needs to be commented on. I detest cables. The cabling in cases is among the primary reasons I was forced to stop building machine, managing and wrangling them was irritating and when I lost effective use of one of my arms, it became a hassle to build people efficient and well thought out cases. While I am sure that a look behind the hidden side panel will reveal a lot of wires I'm uncomfortable seeing, the machine does not feel as if it is "bursting" at the seams, so to speak. This is important to me, as with the [ibuypower] machines I bought, the motherboard-side plating was "bulging", as if it was struggling to contain the overstuffed cables. While the interior of their machines "looked" clean - any and all need to perform the slightest maintenance made it quickly apparent that they were doing everything possible to force as much into that tiny space as they could.
But it was more than that, not only were the cables clean, they were pulled CORRECTLY taught. They were not pulled so tight that there was no wriggle room - there was enough slack in order to move and unplug, rearrange, and do whatever was necessary – but they were appropriately pulled to ensure absolutely minimum clutter. This is EXTREMELY important to me. The fact that the expansion bays were already plugged in and ready to accept new drives was extremely appreciated. I myself had a hybrid 1 TB HDD that had an 8 GB NRAM cache that I really wanted to use for some of my programs. I was dreading the amount of work it would take to add this to the system because I knew it would involve a lot of plumbing and reworking (when you only have one semi-healthy arm, any amount is "a lot") - but no, it took none of this. I literally just unlatched the removable bay, put my internal Hybrid-HDD in, and it worked. I was fascinated. The machine I ordered had a "custom" motherboard - that is to say, I asked for a motherboard that was not offered on their site. They accommodated that request brilliantly, and if the words "custom" had not been written next to it on the invoice, no one would be the wiser. They even optimized it specific to the motherboard, instead of a stock optimizing process. Whoever put that board in there read its instructions carefully and knew what they were doing. I was even greeted with an excellent print out of the results of a myriad of tests, benchmarks, and other analysis run on the machine. This was important to me, because it showed that an actual person went through the process of installing Windows, installing the drivers, and then performing intense operations for a period of time long enough to catch most of the possible early breaking points. The only "flaw", if it can be called one, is that the 20-pin adapters for the front panel USB 3.0 components were not plugged into the motherboard by default. However after analysis and physical assessment, I asserted that, due to the sturdy inner-foam packaging supplied, plugging them in would have been unsafe and risked bending them. I must surmise then that the decision to leave them unplugged was a conscious one - and it was a wise one at that. If I had any critique to give, it would be for the company to note this on the large "poster" that has the "setup" instructions, as the typical home user will not be aware to plug them in. I also found that the "Fan Control" dial on the case is unmarked, as I do not know which direction is "faster" or "slower". This is a detail easily rectified by an email though, but it should be printed on the poster-insert. In short, this computer is a marvel of workmanship by a technical engineer after my own heart, and I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The build time, and ship time, was extremely long (almost a month and a half), but it was worth every cent. It was put through the tests so that when I got it, it did not fail me. The elegance of this machine is a symphony of technical expertise. As a seasoned, veteran programmer, system builder, technician, and lover of all things "computer", this box goes to 11. It cost more than anywhere else I shopped from, but I absolutely got what I paid for, and more.

- Derek T., 17 Jun 2014


Awesome Company!

I was having trouble ordering a PC for my birthday. After one failed attempt I was about to give up ordering online until I was contacted by a sales supervisor who basically helped my go through the process building a computer that did all the things I wanted it too and was still within my price range. He was like my own personal helper guy and I couldnt have done it without him. Not only did he help me choose something I was totally excited, about the company builds it for me (which is the part im not good at)and they tested it too to see if it would actually work. then i got free origin shirt and wrist band (freaking awesome) and a free game in Titanfall which is pretty dope also and a good test game for the machine I would say. so the only issue i Had was
that the case i ordered was backlogged so we had to wait for my case to become available so that they can actually put the computer together before they shipped it. but once it shipped it took from 05/07/2014 till 05/09/2014 for it to arrive at my house which was nice and fast. Now that its here ive had tons of fun. the system is stable, it runs everything i want it too and is an amazing piece of machinery. not only that it looks awesome. I recommend Origin to anyone wanting a custom built PC. these guys know what they are doing.

- Eddy G., 13 May 2014


Alienware Convert, Just WOW!

Wow! Alienware convert.
I was looking to replace two older Alienware laptops with a desktop and another newer laptop. Origin had almost the exact configuration I was attempting to build. After contacting my sales rep, I got EXACTLY what I wanted. The systems were obviously built by people that know how to build a custom, high performance system. Very clean build and everything worked seamlessly out of the box. 

- Mark S., 06 May 2014


Regards from a Satisfied customer

I am very much happy and satisfied with my computer purchase it meets all my gaming and software development needs. I normally build my own PCs, but I am glad I decided to go with Origin. I can definitely see myself buying future PCs from Origin, saves me from finding the time to build my own and I know from owning my first Origin PC that I will get a high quality product from you guys. 

- Yassir M., 26 Feb 2014

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