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Impressed with ORIGIN's Build Quality

Prior to ordering my Origin PC, I asked several questions about the system and received quick and courteous replies with no high-pressure sales tactics. Upon ordering, Bryant, my Origin customer service rep, contacted me to ask some preferences for system set-up, as well as to help make sure everything went smoothly with order processing.

When my PC arrived, everything was set up exactly as ordered and requested, and their wooden shipping crate with foam inserts protected it very well in transit. It worked perfectly right out of the box with no problems, and I appreciated the fact that the most recent Windows Updates available at the time had already been applied. It was also great to see that the only software installed besides the OS was that which was related to installing the various system components.

I am impressed with Origin’s build quality and customer service and would definitely order from them again in the future and recommend their systems to others.

-Brandon T.

- Brandon T., 05 Dec 2012


The EON17-S Is Better Than Expected

From the start, the support from Origin has been great, keeping me up to date with any developments, and going through with me the steps I needed to follow when I had issues with payment. The whole process was entirely stress-free, So much better than any other company I've ordered with. 10/10 for the support throughout, and many thanks.

For the actual product, the EON17-S, it's even better than expected. It arrived in a cool crate, full with the goodies I'd ordered, and exciting simply in itself. The sleek style of the actual laptop is beautiful, and something I'll proudly have on display for anyone to see. Now when it comes to what I actually brought it for, running high-req software, such as games, it runs more smoothly than anything I've had in the past, even with the highest requirement games I have at hand, all the while running multiple programs in the background. On top of this, even after over a month of persistent use, not once have I experienced a crash, freeze or anything I could find fault in with my usage, which honestly I find amazing with my experiences in the past with laptops.

The only thing I could potentially consider as anything but perfect is the fingerprint reader, which struggles to read my print a lot of the time, but even this I put down to the fact my fingers are often being worn and cut due to my profession.

Overall, I still give this a product, along with the support for it, a 10/10, as honestly I couldn't have asked for more in the whole experience.

-David C.

- David C., 03 Dec 2012


Worth the wait...

As the title says, it was definitely worth the wait. It took about a month from order confirmation to shipping, but my rep (Erika) was always there whenever I had a question throughout the process. But make no mistake, the wait was killing me. The computer arrived at my door with a disconnected DVD player, but that happened during shipping and the 24 HR Tech Support was there to help me remedy the problem immediately, as they walked me through reconnection of the device. Since that point, the machine has performed FLAWLESSLY. Running all games at ultra settings and I can't wait to see what comes next for me to throw at this thing. Overall, I could not be happier to have made my purchase from ORIGIN. Now it's your turn. Do it. 10/10

- Chris Ainsworth, 05 Nov 2012


Review of New Laptop

I love my new laptop. I haven't used it to much but it has everything that i asked for in it and it arrived safely. I look forward to many years with it at my side. Thanks to the people at Origin for making such fine computers. =)

- Siobhan McLeod, 03 Nov 2012


All I can say is WOW

- David T., 31 Oct 2012

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