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ORIGIN PC Was The Best PC Buying Experience I Have Had

- Judson B., 06 Jul 2012


Very Satisfied With My ORIGIN PC Performance and Integration

After almost three months of operation, my new ORIGIN computer system continues to perform well. My system at home is relatively complex using a LAN Network with joysticks, game pads, 3D glasses, & 7.1 stereo headphones; as well as several print servers which are connected through an 804n router system.  I’m very satisfied with the unit’s performance and integration into my system and would recommend it to other hi end users.  I particularly favor the Silverstone Fortress Chassis which is extremely well built and compliments my hardware setup very well.


-Dennis A.

- Dennis Amorose, 26 Jun 2012


Will Be Buying Origin From Now On

Have built and bought PC's from Alienware, Cyberpower, Dell, and now Origin. Origin has managed to top theme all as far as customer service and performance. Was easy to customize high end gaming system. Customer service was great, they let me switch out parts and accessories after purchasing with no problem. Also had a cable go lose during unpacking. Contacted tech support and got a fix right away. The system also has a very solid build quality. Nicest cable management I have ever seen. Will be buying Origin from now on.
- Oliver F.

- Oliver F., 11 Jun 2012


ORIGIN PC Is The Real Deal

Origin PC is the REAL DEAL, if you are looking for a unbelievable high performance gaming/media PC, stop what your doing and just get a ORIGIN. Amazing speed, amazing picture quality, amazing sound, and amazing design. I will take my Origin PC to the grave with me! It is hands down the best computer I have ever used, and runs all my games FLAWLESSLY. The customer service was fantastic and the representatives cared tremendously about every detail of your computer. Satisfied does not even begin to cover how I feel about my Origin PC. If you want a computer that will just blow you away, Origin is where you need to go. THANK YOU ORIGIN FOR THE BEST PC I'VE EVER HAD!
- Alexander H.

- Alexander H, 11 Jun 2012


I Wish To Applaud Your Superior Sales and Support Staff

- Dennis A., 22 May 2012

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