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Simple Words Cannot Describe My Brand New EON17-S

Simple words cannot describe my brand new Origin Eon-17s overclocked laptop. Not only can this machine handle anything I throw at, it's look and construction have blown me away. I love this company simply because they are the best at what they do and to top it all off their design and parts used are top of the line. I highly recommend OriginPC for business, design, educational use and of course gaming! If you want the best of the best, then nothing beats Origin desktops and laptops. I had many laptops in the past this Eon-17s was way beyond my expectation!

- Beyjan I., 11 Apr 2012


10 Stars

After looking around the net for a new PC to buy I found out about Origin from their history with Alienware. I recently purchased a Mid-Higher end Eon-17 laptop from them and I was blown away once I received it. The building and shipping process did take a little longer than advertised however the build team was in constant communication with me throughout the process and I was very aware of the reasons why my PC was taking extra time on the shop floor. When I received my computer there was an issue with it refreshing from hibernation in which I contacted the customer service rep, after a brief conversation in which he ran me through some resets and tests, he determined that the issue lied with my RAM and it was probably damaged in shipping. Origin then shipped me out a brand new set of RAM and walked me through a telephonic install so as not to void my warranty, no questions were asked and I didn't have to pay any shipping or handling in the whole process. I cannot recommend Origin highly enough, they build quality systems and they stand by their product, and in the off chance that something happens to go wrong their customer service department is second to none. 10 stars.
- David M.

- David M., 11 Apr 2012


Excellent Computer Put Together By Very Dedicated Professionals

I ordered a very high end PC from Origin recently. It's an excellent computer put together by very dedicated professionals. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a great PC backed by people who care.
- Alec S.

- Alec S., 08 Mar 2012


ORIGIN PC: 1 and Alienware: 0


As a member of the industry, a HUGH FAN OF PC GAMING, and finally, an proud ex-purchaser of Alienware Computers, I would like to express my deepest thanks in providing not only the most beautiful laptop that I have ever owned, but also the most pleasant experience in "making it mine". I have been purchasing gaming laptops and desktops for the last eight years of my life. and a formerly dedicated customer of Alienware gaming computers. However, I found through the years that with every better computer they released, the worse their customer service became. It was a sliding scale from good to great for builds, great to worst for service. and despite what they would make in computers, you can never judge a computer company by their cover - their computer.

After my m15x went bad - for the second time - and after a horrible experience of getting the computer serviced, only to be told the second time the "blue screen" error occurred, that Alienware had no record of any service, I knew I needed a new gaming computer. I felt like I wasted however close to six thousand dollars in buying the m15x, considering the computer motherboard died on me only one month after the warranty, only to pay over $1,000.00 to have it repaired, only to receive it back broken, to send it back yet again, receive a repaired unit, two months later having it break yet again, at which time upon my call to Alienware, "there is no record of this service sir, you will have to pay us "x" sum to continue this conversation", as if I were on a pay telephone that the operator was to disconnect my call unless I put in "twenty-five more cents for five minutes."

I was at the cross road, buy a new computer or deal with Alienware further. well, to tell the truth, I was tempted to buy a new Alienware computer, after all, they are the big dogs in the computer gaming pc build industry. Everyone else is either self proclaiming selling at ridiculous prices, or posers selling at low pricing - of course their computers are as slow as the price low. Then, as if fate, I find Origin PC in a computer magazine. Go to the website, and you will like what you read. Call them, and you will love what you hear. Buy their computer, and you will be "head over heels". 

By far the best experience I have ever had in buying a gaming pc - or any pc for that matter - from anyone. The computer is everything you build it to be, and their service is everything they say it will be, and more. Thank you for giving me a reason to believe in PC gaming computer manufacturers again. As far as my business goes, ORIGIN PC: 1, Alienware: 0.

Dan Shamy
Online Video Game Rental Company

- Dan Shamy, 21 Feb 2012


Can't Ask For A Better Company

Wow, what a great company. I am not a techie person, but wanted to purchase a gaming pc for my son. He's interested in video game designing for a career, and needed a powerful pc. I searched the internet for gaming pc companies and came across an article on Origin PC in PC weekly. It listed their website, so I went and took a look. There were so many options to choose from, I must say I was lost. I called the company directly and Jamie took the time and I must say, much patience, to explain to me all the different components. He was very thorough with what would be a good college bound computer for video game design.

The computer arrived in an extremely quick and timely manner. Unfortunately for me, FED EX had dropped the box and the computer wouldn't boot up. I called Jamie who put me through to Raul in technical support. He was very supportive while he tried to walk me through removing video cards and checking the mother board for errors. Great Support! Unfortunately, the computer had to go back. They rushed me another one, which FED EX dropped for the second time, it had been a very snowy month in Feb. for Maryland. Unbelievable. I had to call Jamie back and break the bad news. I believe Jamie was more upset than I was about the problem. He rushed me a third computer, sent it UPS, and I must say it's the best machine, according to my son. I don't see much of him these days, he's always on his computer with gaming design book in hand. 

I would highly recommend Origin, not only for the wonderful product, but for how helpful their employees are. A personal thanks to Jamie and Raul for all of their patience in getting me this wonderful computer. I know if I ever need to upgrade or have any questions concerning this powerful machine, that they are they to personally help. The personal interaction above all makes this company GREAT! I hate being on hold to be transferred to be on hold again. With this company, you get live communication with a great product! Can't ask for a better company.

- Dawn R.

- Dawn R., 11 Feb 2012

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