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No Warranty Tricks Here

Great Company. Had some awful experiences with previous computer companies. Then read about Origin PC Salespeople helpful, knowledgeable. Example I wanted a 120 Watt Power source. They didnt have any in stock so they gave me a 150 at no extra cost. Computer came with a memory chip error. Spoke to tech support, they diagnosed the problem within one day and in two days they had shipped at their expense new chips. Great company. Computer works like a dream.
Finally a company that makes a great computer, with great tech support and no "warranty tricks"
Thanks again Origin PC

- Dave R.

- Dave R., 21 Jan 2012


Dealing With Origin PC Has Been A Wonderful Experience

Dealing with Origin PC has been a wonderful experience. I have had my high end PC now for approximately 3 weeks and it is a beautiful and lightning fast machine. PC came very well packed in a large wooden crate. There were two minor problems with the initial software configuration that were very easy to solve with the help of Origin's technical staff. All Origin PC employees are professional, courteous, and patient. You get 5 star quality service and 5 star products. Most importantly, I trust Origin and you can tell they are serious about providing the ultimate in both high end rigs and in customer service. I would highly recommend Origin PC and will only use them for future purchases.
- Jeremy B.

- Jeremy B., 06 Jan 2012


Worth Every Penny

I am not one to go as far as to register with an internet site solely to express my impressions of any product or service, but in Origin's case I am making an exception. Please see below a copy of the email I had forwarded to Origin in reference to the laptop purchase.

Before reading the below letter I had submitted to Origin, I want to just express the fact, not feeling, that as a businessman, Origin does everything right. They make the experience beyond what they say to get money in their pocket, but rather follow up with absolutely unprecedented and excellent support. I can confidently say that in today's feeble attempt of customer service, especially offered by e-commerce companies, Origin sets the standard. Worth evey penny... thanks Origin, and particularly, Jamie & Raul, for making my experience a feeling of one in a million. If you are thinking about buying a computer, your experience can be the same, and you will be treated as if you are their only customer. Origin, One on One.

- Daniel S.

- Daniel S., 11 Dec 2011


High-End Gaming Computer

I am so glad I found ORIGIN PC. I have had numerous high end gaming computers. For one, I have an Alienware ALX which I purchased before DELL acquired Alienware. That has been a fantastic machine. Recently, I was in the market for a second high end machine so I turned to Alienware, knowing that Dell was involved. What a huge disappointment, I had to return the machine it was so bad, and it was a $9,000 setup. I had tried Falcon Northwest and was not happy with the laptop either. I stumbled upon ORIGIN PC searching Google for "High end gaming computer". When I read the founders of Alienware started ORIGIN PC, that was all I needed to hear. I dove into specing out a computer and was blown away by the hardware options they offer. I maxed out the machine, the latest i7 hex core processor, triple NVIDIA GTX 480 liquid cooled etc., everything from the ordering process, to the packaging upon receipt, to the out of box experience, to game play has been 100% top notch. I called tech support a few times just to ask questions about how the hardware works to understand the machine better, I got personable, friendly help immediately. I would absolutely recommend ORIGIN PC to anyone who wants a top quality PC.
- Steve C.

- Steve C., 21 Sep 2011


Getting It Done Right!

- Jaime M., 23 Jun 2011

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