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Best PC company out there!

Great customer service and my PC came pretty quickly and very well protected! Love my new PC so much I hardly play on my xbox one anymore :)

- Rob H., 11 Feb 2016


I'm really happy with Origin PC. Ditch Alienware, ya'll.

I had originally tried to buy from Alienware, and boy-howdy, that was a mistake. They screwed up my order, immediately put it on hold, and then I spent 4+ hours being passed around to just about every phone-support agent within the company with no answers. I finally got fed up and found this little company made up of some of the founders of Alienware, who (surprise) ditched when Dell took over. I'm honestly glad I followed their example. They e-mailed me and kept in touch throughout the process of the purchase and building of my computer. When they said it shipped, I promptly got a tracking number, and received the computer two days later! After about a week of playing around with it, I'm satisfied, it's exactly what I asked for, with no bloatware or anything extra. The one thing that really impressed me was when I received a follow-up e-mail about a week later. A personal touch is nice. I explained my -only- negative (the remote to work the lights doesn't work) and he immediately e-mailed my issue to support. That's service right there.

- Dustin J, 04 Feb 2016


Wouldn't buy a high-end pc from anyone else

I purchased an eon 17 slx from Origin PC a couple months ago. Their service was outstanding, as is the quality of the machine they built for me. It's a 17" laptop with an overclocked desktop processor at 4.5 ghz and 2x gtx980m processors. They did the overclocking, and it's covered under their warranty. They're not cheap, but they're definitely worth it. I'd originally purchased an msi gt80 titan, but returned it because it froze all the time, was loud, and didn't perform like a $3,500 laptop should. My Origin PC laptop is quieter, faster, and has a g sync monitor, and worked great right out of the box. Thank you to the team at Origin PC!

- Ifine63, 03 Feb 2016


Origin PC - No Brainer to Buy From Them

Just got my EON15-X Pro and I wanted to say that this system exceeds every expectation I had. The system is very quiet and runs everything faster than my 2 year old desktop. I also liked the fact that Origin set up a really good recovery thumb drive and configured the system perfectly down even to my name as the main account. Prior to buying from origin, I tried to purchase a similar system from a competitor and after waiting over a month for a status update, they informed me that the could get the m2. SSD to work right. I canceled the order and gave Origin a shot and they used the same drive with no issues so I can say that their technical team is better than the rest. While there may be cheaper systems out there, but you get what you pay and if you factor the cost of your time and the value you place on the system, I would say their price is effectively low. I would buy another system from them in a heartbeat.

- Marty K., 20 Jan 2016


Origin Chronos

I've had my new Origin Chronos up and running for over a week now. It has been a spectacular experience. Wonderful machine, well packaged, well put together; it is just what I ordered. Our first origin was an eon 13-s almost 2 years ago, and I have never been disappointed. My small business runs on Origin machines.

- Kragacles, 20 Jan 2016

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