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Insane Work

"After much travel and an insane shoot schedule, I finally had some time to sit down with the machine and crank some detail settings. No matter what I throw at it, it screams. Insane work, gentlemen. It'll be nice to get some old fashioned PC gaming done here! #!%* yeah!"
- Sam Witwer
Actor best known for: Star Wars the Force Unleashed I and II, Being Human, Soul Caliber IV, Gamer, Smallville, Dexter, and more. More Info Here...

- Sam Witwer, 27 Mar 2010


It's One Screaming Fast PC

Let me start by telling you how I found out about Origin PCs...

I always wanted an Alienware PC but could never afford the one with the configuration that I wanted. When I was finally able to, I went ahead and ordered one. Unfortunately, at this point, Alienware was part of Dell so I had to go through them to order it. I had never been a Dell customer before so I had no idea what I might be getting into. Needless to say, it did not go well. I ordered a PC from them in November and by January they were still delaying the production of the PC every week without fail.

I was browsing the Dell forums when I came across Origin's name in a few posts. I found out that they were formed by former employees of Alienware that had broken out on their own which was the first thing that caught my attention. I found Origin's website and immediately was impressed by the number of options and configurations I had to choose from. It was then that I canceled my order with Dell and ordered from Origin.

I finally decided on a setup that looked good for me and placed the order. I was happy with the price I was quoted since I was getting A LOT of high end parts on this system and ended up paying less than the same configurations I saw elsewhere. I got an immediate response from the sales specialist assigned to the order who let me know he'd be overseeing the order from that point. The communication was excellent which was a nice change from the zero communication I received from Dell. I was contacted for personalization and was even sent pics of my PC to show the insides and how things were set up.

The day came when I got my shipping information which was a relief since all I saw from Dell were delay notices! Only a few days later, I received my system. I set it all up and booted it up. It is one screaming fast PC! I moved all my games on to the PC was able to set every one of them to their highest possible settings. Seeing them side by side with my old PC was enough to see just how slow my old PC is. The games boot up so fast and look incredible.

I can't express enough how impressed I am with this system and with the whole process up to this point. The ordering is smooth, the communication is excellent and the shipping is fast. I ended up with a PC with a better configuration than the Alienware I was designing and with the same level of expertise and experience I was expecting from people with many years in the business of building gaming PCs.

If you're looking for the gaming PC you've always wanted and are ready to buy, I would definitely recommend Origin PC. Go on over and try a few different configurations like I did at!

- Timothy S.

- Timothy S., 11 Jan 2010

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