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ORIGIN PC & Customer Service Go Hand in Hand!

EXCELLENT communication from start to finish! ORIGIN'S web site is easy to use and pretty much makes it fool proof when building a new rig (especially if your new at it). This is not my first gaming rig (although first rig I have had built for me) and I found everything I needed. Communication from the Sales Supervisor is spot on! My rig arrived in a beefy wooden crate and was unharmed (shipped via UPS during XMAS season). My gaming RIG looks and performs 100 percent and I get compliments on the workmanship. Thank you ORIGIN for building me a rig that I can use for years to come! I highly recommend them for you next computer regardless if it is for gaming or everyday use!

- Jeffrey G., 05 Jan 2016


Great company, awesome system and best costumer service I've ever dealt with

I ordered an Origin Eon17x from origin and at first was a little worried about it because I financed it and it took a while to go through, but the costumer service representatives were amazing and the let me know what was going on and how soon they would be able to start building my system, once the financial stuff got out of the way they got to putting together my gaming laptop, and let me tell you, they did and amazing job, this thing is a monster, on par with gaming desktops almost. They assign you a personal representative to update you on your systems status and they know just about everything about your system and what's going on, my representative was Bryant Vallejo, he had an answer to every question I threw at him. Once I got my system and powered it on I could really see the quality of this pc. Its got top of the line parts and software, origin does an amazing job with their computers, even about a week after I received it Bryant still emailed me to make sure I was satisfied with my product, I don't know of any other big company that does that. This laptop will literally run everything I throw at it, I cant complain about anything. I am extremely happy with my purchase and thank full that all the representatives I talked to were actually knowledgeable about their company and product, it helped a lot with my decision.

- Luis T., 02 Jan 2016


Origin is an amazing PC company

Bryant from Origin has been nothing but an amazing person for me! I am a streamer on Twitch (shameless promotion here, and they have been working with me every step of the way to make sure that I build the best system to complete my objectives. Even down to the core temperature, the system i have had for 6 months has been the best system I have ever seen. The day that I picked it up from the company, I laughed when they brought it out. No joke, they literally put it in a wooden crate to ship. The wooden crate is extremely durable as well, managing to survive a car ride home in a tiny car. When I got it home that day, I was super excited to get it going. The moment I booted it up, I knew this system was built with quality. The lights on the side and the quiet fans on the system made my questions all answered. This system is absolutely amazing. 6 months down the road, it's still super quiet. I've opened up the machine a few times to clean the inside out but the fans inside make it virtually dust free so cleaning was a minimal. I have wiped down the fans a few times to make sure that it stays clean. I am planning on grabbing a new laptop in the coming future from them and can't wait to purchase a brand new laptop from Origin! Charles Maguire

- Charles M., 01 Jan 2016


their customer service, sales reps, and tech support divisions are top notch

when i needed a new laptop i shopped around for months trying to find a machine to suit all of my needs. i kept finding myself coming back to! configuring and customization was a cinch and the finance procedure was a breeze! their customer service, sales reps, and tech support divisions are top notch and communicate with you every step of the way! i for one am definitely going to return as originPC has earned a customer for life!!!

- JStew726, 30 Dec 2015


OriginPC eon 17x

when i needed a new laptop i started months of research. that being said i kept finding myself coming back to! the ordering process and financing were a breeze and very straightforward, custom designing my dream machine was by far the easiest thing i have done! the system arrived in its crate armor WAY ahead of schedule which was a complete surprise to me! after unboxing and powerup i was shocked at its speed and quality as it is the fastest machine i have ever owned and everything is top notch! if your ever looking for a custom machine to suit your needs i would highly suggest contacting originPC! their customer service, sales department, and tech support are by far above the expectations of any consumer! they work with you the entire way! i for sure will be using them again in the future and i hope you will to!

- John S., 30 Dec 2015

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