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Great System and Customer Service

The system arrived earlier than expected and worked like a charm right out of the box. The EON15-X runs my games better than I could have hoped for. The customer service was amazing. I knew when my system shipped, and they made me aware of any problems or delays. It was a pleasant experience the whole way.

- Shaughan G., 24 Dec 2015


Exceeded my expectations!

Exceeded my expectations! I knew my laptop was going to be great, but once I received it I was blown out of the water with how well it performed. It's surprisingly quiet and stays cool even on your lap. The customer service I received through the whole process was also superb! They stayed in contact with me through the entire process and answered any questions I had quickly. Overall I'm glad to be part of the origin family as they take great pride in making high quality products while listening to their customer base. If you're out on the market for a new gaming computer I would highly recommend origin!

- eric_j_park7136, 14 Dec 2015


Fantastic company

Fantastic company, I was struggling choosing a high end gaming laptop among Alienware, MSI and Origin PC, called up the local office in Australia, spoken to Timothy, 20 minutes conversation later, no doubt, Origin PC became my only choice :) Big thumb up to Tim, his knowledge and honesty is beyond any sales rep I've ever spoken to. Dell/Alienware and MSI sales ppl are both from overseas call centre and sales script is the only thing they can read. Tim has told me all the background and stories for Origin PC , immediately, I made my decision to go with their EON17-X G-Sync. Well, a $8000 laptop ain't a small number but they delivered the laptop to me within 10 days as they promised on their website, it's amazing, the performance of this laptop makes my old Alienware Area 51 like a toddler.

- Nathan-Ellis, 25 Nov 2015


The Millennium from Origin PC is without question the BEST computer out in the market right now

The Millennium from Origin PC is without question the BEST computer out in the market right now. When it comes to style and performance these guys know what gamers want! Not to mention the customer support I received was phenomenal. Thank you Jake and everyone from Origin who made this dream rig possible.

- IsaiasSantilla., 06 Nov 2015


I love the product, and I love the support

Just wanted to take a second to say thank you to Oliver and the entire Origin team for a couple details that most people wouldn’t otherwise know about. When I ordered, the Killer network card and USB 3.1 were NOT options when I customized my Eon15-X. It looked like they came available maybe a week after I ordered. You guys were obviously switching out hardware and upgrading the 15” platform. I was expecting 3 USB 3.0 ports on the left side of my laptop, but I got 2 and a 3.1 port…. That to me is a free upgrade, and I didn’t ask for it, it just showed up. You guys basically gave me the better stuff because that’s what you guys wanted to put out. Since I ordered the new Skylake CPU, you guys put all the matching hardware and I didn’t order it that way and probably got some free value out of it. Just thought it was cool that my order evolved with your business model….that’s pretty neat to me  Just wanted to say I like how you guys do business. I love the product, and I love the support.

- Steven H., 04 Nov 2015

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