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Beautiful & Powerful

The overall design and construction is solid, clean and simple. I can go to work or class and not look like a fanboy. The 4 storage slots I think are over kill. 2 m.2 and 2 2.5'', I would remove the 2, 2.5'' hard drives and add a bigger battery. Some people I understand need more than 1 or 2 tb of space. I would take the longer battery life. overall this machine is simple to use EXTREMELY powerful and Beautiful. the only thing it lacks is a little more battery time for browsing and normal use (not gaming). Pro's Size to weight. most people complain about 8lbs. but when you think of what is inside this monster. this is easily a pro. A Path for upgrades in the future. unlike most laptops these days the Eon 17x does not have soldered components. Clean, simple and professional design. small con in this area see cons. Surprisingly Quiet. This laptop is very quiet and when I do set the fan speed to max its no where what my old Alienware or most laptops these days is. Not too hot. Max temps of the OC'd i7 4790k under full load are 91C without the fans on max setting. with max fan speed, max temp recorded 75c. I would like to see this lower in the future. Compared to similar laptops in the same class this stomps the competition. in noise and heat management. The monitor is clean and crisp it represents colors very well especially when the screen is calibrated. When it comes to sound on a laptop people now days expect studio quality and that makes no sense to me. The speakers on this laptop are loud and crisp. no complaints there. Con's Battery life. First off I do not game on battery life, so around 1 and a half hours of internet browsing and word processing is not enough. I feel that for my needs the 2 2.5'' ssd's are over kill when i have 1tb of m.2 in raid 0. all that freed up space could triple the capacity of the battery. or even kick out one 2.5'' and double the capacity of the battery instead. Construction. The finish used to coat the laptop picks up fingerprints like a sponge in water. and is extremely hard to clean. Though i love the way it feels, its a love hate thing. Switching from dedicated to integrated graphics. I have not seen an option for this despite searching. I feel being able to switch off the GPU all together will help squeeze out what little battery life there is. Things to consider in future models. Adding an external female PCIe connector to the chassis for connecting Desktop Graphics. Extended Battery. Dedicated to Integrated, Graphics Switch. Overall I am impressed with the Quality of the product, Thank you.

- Athanasios A., 08 Jul 2015


Along side of the great computer was the outstanding customer service!

"Where do I start! I got a Genesis and it is super fast and runs really well! Along side of the great computer was the outstanding customer service! My sales representative was Jake Netta. He was always their when I needed help and helped me when their were problems with my configuration to get it fixed as soon and easily as possible! The customer service is some of the best I have ever used! After joining the Origin family, I know I will never leave it!"

- Jetpro, 10 Jun 2015


Top notch product and top notch service

Just received my Origin Omega gaming PC. Christopher Bire was my sales rep and he did a fantastic job keeping me up to date through the whole process. Top notch product and top notch service clear down to the shipping which is sent in a crate packed perfectly. Not a single complaint with my purchase!

- Brett.Wireman, 20 May 2015


Amazing service, quality products

From the first moment I visited the OriginPC website, I knew that I wanted to be part of the Origin family. They have an amazing commitment to their customers and they strive to bring top-of-the-line products to their fingertips. Their website gave me an invaluable choice as to how my dream computer would be built - from the ground up and once matched with my sales representative, she ensured I was part of the process from the beginning to the end. Their quality department ensured that I had a PC that met all specifications and tested each component to make sure that it was compatible with one another. This provided me with a security blanket - one that assured I was going to be a machine that was unrivaled in performance and power. Going in, I knew, as a consumer, that I was ordering a CUSTOM built machine that required time and patience. I received my PC with no hiccups or problems to note. Also, I must point out that my sales representative was absolutely fantastic. Her positive attitude and polite/warm demeanor made me feel comfortable from the start. We corresponded throughout the build - and if I had any questions she answered them in a timely manner without hesitation or delay. I am proud to be a part of the Origin family - I have recommended them to all of my coworkers and friends. They have my loyalty - and they gained it by providing what other companies cannot, excellent service/choice products.

- Andrew M., 14 May 2015


Worth every penny

“Very happy with the whole process. Erika was always available to answer any questions and was a pleasure to talk to. System turned out great and was worth every penny. I am currently deployed and Origin was able to hit a small window for me.”

- thmsmarchese, 03 May 2015

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