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Power & Performance
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Maximum Productivity, Minimum Space

Small Footprint, Big Power

The small form factor design of the CHRONOS Pro custom workstation fits perfectly into any office or workspace and offers configuration options for business and creative professionals. Our space saving Workstation feature powerful Intel processors, high speed memory and full size video cards all configured and engineered for maximum performance.

ORIGIN PC offers a variety of case sizes for your CHRONOS Pro that can be used as coding or rendering stations on up to larger enterprise servers and desktop Workstation s. Have a specific case in mind? Contact one of our design engineers and we can build a system around it.

Internal Power

The CHRONOS Pro custom workstation is small in size, but large in power featuring 3rd generation Intel processors with quad core technology for increased performance during intensive tasks such as video editing and 3D rendering and with dual channel DDR3 memory, running multiple programs and multitasking is a breeze with no lag or slowdown.

For storage security and accessibility the CHRONOS Pro small form factor desktop features high-speed hard drives with up to 4 TBs of storage space, perfect for content creation and photography professionals. For lightning-fast access speeds, data security and fault tolerance you can also choose from several of our RAID configuration options.

Visual & Sensory Performance

ORIGIN PC offers powerful graphic card solutions from AMD and NVIDIA in single and dual configuration options. Users of Photoshop, Autodesk and other content creation software can choose up to 12GB's of video processing power for unmatched speed in editing and rendering. In addition you can connect multiple monitors for enhanced workspace for all professional applications.

Experience high-definition surround sound from your CHRONOS Pro custom workstation in both 5.1 and 7.1 with its built in soundcard and for audio engineers, ORIGIN PC offers additional sound card options that include EAX 5.0 technology, 3D positional audio and Dolby Digital Live encoding.

Internal Cooling

While the CHRONOS Pro custom workstation does feature a compact design, it is still packed with power utilizing desktop processors and full size graphic cards where temperature management is extremely important. In addition to the internal thermal management system found on all of our small form factor cases, ORIGIN PC offers additional state-of-the art air and liquid cooling options.

Our specially designed case fans maximize airflow throughout the internal compartment of your small form factor case. This process removes hot air while bringing in cool air and keeping your Workstation at optimum performance temperatures. Our liquid cooling system protects the CPU in your Workstation whilst remaining whisper quiet and maintenance free.

Maximum Protection and Minimum Sound

ORIGIN PC delivers maximum protection for your CHRONOS Pro custom workstation on the inside with durable thermal management cases, air and liquid cooling options and the latest Windows 7 operating system enhancements that provide additional security with services that include Windows Defender, Firewall & Microsoft Security Essentials.

On the outside with our ORIGIN Wooden Crate Armor we offer maximum protection in our shipping process and we insure that your Workstation will arrive on time and will be protected from all shipping hazards including bad weather, falls, impacts, and all other accidents or mishandling.

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